Twitter says it aloud: Shut up and listen!

Through a tweet by Steffen Konrath I got the news that Twitter launched a new main page today. Many companies do launches but this one is remarkable if you just look at it.

This new page is a signpost for Twitters strategic direction: Monetization. This isn’t exactly news but the way they appear to be rebuilding the service towards pleasing marketers comes in a bit heavy. Twitter’s signup page does actually sound like a fantastic social newsletter. Listen to this:

Instant updates from your friends, industry experts, favorite celebrities, and what’s happening around the world.

This isn’t an extract. This is actually all it says about the value of the service. I can remember times when your own role in the game still was a factor. And don’t be put off, it still is. Twitter didn’t actually cut down your own broadcasting functionality – they only ceased mentioning it.

Keep the noise level low

I assume that this is supposed to attract people who listen without adding their own noise. What Twitter needs right now to become more attractive to marketers and their online marketing budget is an increasing and broader audience (in demographics that is) that is receptive to their messages. I know many people who don’t see the value of Twitter or are actually afraid of it because they thought they had to contribute. You’ll find no trace of that on the new main page.

Smart move, technically. If only it wouldn’t ridicule an epitomal part of Twitters Social Media charme: the democratic, mesmerizing and overpowering mess of “Hey, I farted” updates besides useful links and important news. We won’t anytime soon see a drop in contribution but please don’t be surprised about all the coloured eggs in your list of followers.

I’m fairly sure on this as it perfectly fits the earlier rumors about Facebook-like pages on Twitter and the improved recommendation system. While the later really is an improvement it’s all geared towards more passive consumption patterns.

As a marketer I guess I like it but as Twitter addict I’m sure I hate it.

What’s your take on Twitter’s move?


Right now (April 06 in the morning) the Twitter main page is back to the original version. Just wondering if that was a leak or a test?

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