3 basic elements of twitter success

If you belong to those who seek advice on handling your twitter account you likely read a lot of articles about it. I certainly did and still do.

What I found is that all advice comes down to three main aspects in the end. It’s quite a bit like cooking. As fancy as any given recipe might be, there’s always a solid base of ever reappearing ingredients. While the base ingeredients alone don’t make a great dish these three elements should belong into every successful twitter recipe:

1) Content. That’s your meat and fish.
Find out who you are talking to and share what’s relevant to them. Creating your own relevant content is hard, especially for businesses. I highly recommend reading 3 steps to A Breakthrough Corporate Blog. It’s an eye opener.

If you are tweeting for a business audience consider that they have an agenda and customers, too. If you find or create content which is relevant to their own followers, you are more likely to be retweeted by them.

2) Engagement. It’s the side of your dish.
Content alone likely doesn’t cut it for you. The @ and RT buttons are there to make it easier for you. Someone posted a link to a great article? Tell him that you liked it. The sender will appreciate it. Also, look for topics relevant to your followers and add your two pennies worth if you have them.

3) Behavior. This is the gravy.
You follow all the elements above but it still doesn’t work? Then you should probably check your language, attitude and spelling. Here’s an article with twitter community answers on why they unfollow. Use it as a checklist.

These three basic elements won’t automatically make you the king of Twitterland. It’s the fine variations and spices that make a recipe stand or fall. Ask seasoned chefs and they will tell you that this took time.

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