US intelligence has automated taps on Facebook data

During a “Russia Today” interview with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange claims that US intelligence agencies have automated access to Facebook data. He goes on warning users that with every connection made and every friend invited they are doing the agencies’ work by building their database for free. Assange also says that other American internet giants like Google and Yahoo have these interfaces, too. They were installed for cost reasons. It’s simply cheaper to allow batch access instead of manually rummaging through enormous databases for every single case. It’s a bit shocking but not really surprising, isn’t it?

While he is aware that Facebook isn’t run by central intelligence he cautions that political pressure can soften hurdles for gaining access to user data. Even though I approach his personality and claim with some caution on this account I tend to agree with him . After all, who would know better than Assange?

I linked an extract of the interview below. The part where he talks about Facebook starts at around 02:00 minutes. The rest of the interview is quite interesting, too. I recommend watching it from start to end.

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