Calling all iPad owners: I need your help!

Reading Two Tools for Bloggers on Spin Sucks I simply had to try the OnSwipe plugin for WordPress.

This plugin sounded really cool. You install it and it turns your wordpress blog into a stunning magazine style reading experience for iPad owners – launch screen, accelerometer sensitivity, rich media content and funky gesture control inclusive.

I set up everything, even spent an hour with Photoshop designing a half baked launch screen to overpower my potential readers. Installation and setup for iPad are actually pretty straight forward and easy to grasp. Set a launch image, set a home icon, define a typographic style (free colour choice would be nice here) and that’s about it.

Unfortunately I simply don’t know how it looks. This is where you come in:

Please access my blog on your iPad and make screenshots of it!

I want to see how it looks and if I need to make adjustments to bring the blog up to iPad worthy aesthetics.

Call me stupid to start this without even having an iPad but that’s the geek in me who simply wants to try things – head first if necessary. :)

So please send screenshots of my blog on the iPad to

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6 Responses to “Calling all iPad owners: I need your help!”

  1. Gini Dietrich Says:

    When I get home tonight I’ll do this for you!

  2. Gini Dietrich Says:

    It looks cool as hell! Where can I email you images?!

  3. Stephan Says:

    Thx for your support! Just sent you a DM on Twitter

  4. Stephan de Paly Says:

    Just testing if the Twitter field works

  5. Markus Stange Says:

    Ist ja schräg! Ich wollte gerade einen Artikel in meinem Blog posten und hab mal den Titel gegoogelt und dann kam dieser Beitrag. Sie haben zu 99% das Selbe gesagt was ich eigentlich sagen wollte. Witzig …

  6. Stephan Says:

    Hehe, dann bin ich ja mal auf den überarbeiteten Titel gespannt. Übrigens ne gute Idee Titel vor dem posten zu googlen …

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